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Welcome  to the transition pages of our website.

We have set this page up especially for you if you are joining our school in September 2023.

We can’t wait to welcome you into our school for your transition day on Thursday 6th July. You have had a letter telling you and your family all about this day. Remember to come in your school uniform!!! And then we can’t wait to see you on your first day in Year 7, which is on Wednesday 6th September.

On these pages, you will find lots of useful information about our school – things like what our uniform looks like and what your school day will be like. But there are also videos from students at our school, telling you about what it is like to be in secondary school and how you will settle in.

Our school is a really friendly and welcoming place to be. It will seem big to you when you first start here. But, there is always someone to help you if you are lost or can’t find your classroom. After a few weeks, you will feel right at home.

You will have a form teacher who will really help to look after you in Year 7: your form will be a big part of your daily life here. You will get to know other students in your form really quickly and everyone makes friends on the transition day and then again on the first day in September.

It is a big change, coming to secondary school from primary. But we will help to guide you through it and we will look after you as your settle in.

Enjoy finding out more about our school.

This timeline gives you the key dates and events for transition from your primary school to Smithills:

Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 11.32.13.png

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