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What is Microsoft Teams?


Teams is a hub for learning that will give pupils access to all of their lessons and teachers. It can be used to see what work has been set for them, to ask questions to their teachers and to receive marked work back.


Why Microsoft Teams?


Microsoft Teams is available in many different ways, it can be downloaded on a PC, accessed through directly the website or via the Android or Apple app. This gives as much flexibility as possible, allowing pupils without a computer to still access their work through a tablet or phone.


Where do I get access to Teams?


If you are using a PC or laptop then go to OR download the Teams app from

If you are using a mobile device you can go to the App store or Play store and download the app.


Logging into TEAMS


Please note your username is your school email address . This is your school username with 




Your password is your normal school password that is used to log on to a PC.



How will it work?


Pupils will need to log into the TEAMS website/app using their normal school email/password. They can also access all of the Microsoft 365 suite using these details, which allows them to download software like Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel (this might be helpful to complete some of the work).


We have created a walkthrough video of how to login/access their work;

This has been created using the TEAMS app on an Apple device, although the appearance may be slightly different on other systems the steps are still the same.



What are our expectations?

Our expectations are that pupils complete all the work set and you remain in contact with their

teachers so they can support them, provide feedback and give further instructions.


If you need any help accessing Microsoft TEAMS please email

Online TEAMS Help

Click HERE to login to TEAMS.

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