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What is Session Zero?

  • Session Zero is what schools often refer to as form or registration but at Smithills School, it is where something extraordinary happens. 

  • Session Zero is an opportunity for a form to come together to learn about personal development or real world issues, engage in debate and work towards a collaborative, unique, pupil led work submission.  In the past these have been raps, videos, posters, acts of charity work, and some rather amazing work

  • There is also an element of competition to Session Zero with forms being awarded trophies and prizes for gaining marks based on their submissions of work. 

The Curriculum

Pupils start every day with Session Zero, this curriculum is SMSC focused and delivers elements of statutory and non-statutory PSHEE, Citizenship and Work Related Learning with SMSC at its heart asking pupils to reflect and work collaboratively as a team to produce evidence of their learning. 


Pupils demonstrate progress in Session Zero books as well as by handing in collaborative work every two weeks on their set theme. Session Zero also gives pupils the opportunity to consider their behavior and attendance and keep a personal record of this, setting targets to progress in these areas.


Each year group from 7-10 has an unique and developing curriculum which is appropriate and challenging.  The curriculum is designed to ensure that, over time, all pupils learn about their rights and responsibilities along with focusing on their ambitions and aspirations.  Work is constructed around our ASPIRE values with specific lessons focused on these areas for every year group.


The curriculum is set and fully resourced by the SMSC coordinator and Work Related Learning Coordinator.  They are also on hand to support with the delivery and provide the marking and feedback on work submitted. 


Some of the curriculum themes have been given to more able forms to lead on.  In turn, they have created resources and led assemblies in years 7-9, giving pupils ownership of the development of their own learning, overseen by the SMSC coordinator and Most Able lead.  This also helps our pupils develop their Student Leadership skills.


The curriculum is also designed to be flexible to the needs of pupils for example, if we are presented with issues around internet safety, we can tailor our curriculum and assemblies to best meet the needs of our pupils and tackle the issues they are facing.   


Running alongside the Session Zero curriculum, the current Year 10 Most Able Forms are studying for an additional GCSE in Citizenship which will see them plan and run active citizenship campaigns.  The curriculum has been designed by the SMSC Coordinator working with the Most Able Coordinator to challenge Most Able pupils, raise attainment and improve outcomes.