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Welcome to Smithills School Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award!

The Duke of Edinburgh Award at Smithills is run by Miss E Davies, Miss E Heywood and a team full of amazing staff volunteers.


Completing a Duke of Edinburgh Award is a fantastic opportunity that allows students to continue current or embark on new activities as part of the physical, skills and volunteering sections of the award. It also allows students to make new friends and develop their teamwork skills, which are important throughout the rest of their education and beyond Smithills School.


The sense of responsibility that participants will feel will allow them to develop problem-solving and communication skills. This is done simply through having to meet self-made deadlines of completing sections of the award and planning the expedition. Pupils will find that time keeping and maturity rapidly increase as they meet the challenges of the Award. 


Recent expeditions have been local to Bolton where pupils within their groups navigate their way from Smithills School, across Winter Hill and Rivington to reach their campsite for the evening, Bibby’s Farm.


The Bronze Award is aimed at Year 9, 10 and 11 pupils for this invaluable opportunity.

To complete the course pupils must:

  • Undertake 1 hour per week for 3 months in their chosen skill, physical and volunteer work.

  • Chose one of these sections to continue for a further 3 months (completing six months in total).

  • Participate in a 2 day expedition


For more information about this great opportunity contact reception, or alternatively email or


Visit the Duke of Edinburgh website HERE