At Smithills School, our pupils learn about how places and environments are interdependent. They carry out geographical enquiries inside and outside the classroom. In doing this, they identify geographical questions, collect and analyse written and statistical evidence, and develop their own opinions.


During Key Stage 3, pupils investigate a wide range of people, places and environments all around the world. They learn about geographical patterns and processes and how political, economic, social and environmental factors affect contemporary geographical issues. Geography Literacy Reading Club takes place each Wednesday lunchtime to boost student’s enjoyment of their surroundings and investigate important current news stories from around the globe. 


Through Years 10 and 11, pupils have the opportunity to study GCSE Geography which expands these ideas and concepts. We follow the Eduqas specification A course that investigates many elements of both the human and physical environment. In addition, pupils undertake two contrasting fieldwork experiences, one in a rural environment and one in an urban, to describe their understanding of a topic they have covered. Last year, our Year 9 pupils investigated similarities and differences between a local river and the River Severn with increased distance from its source. Year 10 visited St. Annes-on-the-Sea to study the concept of spheres of influence regarding tourism. This summer our attention is turned to the global city of Manchester and levels of risk faced by pedestrians in the city.


This summer, Year 9 pupils will be taking part in a three day camping trip to the Ribble Valley to explore the river landscape there and investigate retail opportunities in nearby Great Harwood and Whalley. We have offered pupils the chance to visit Paris in France and Morocco in collaboration with other faculties in school in the past. In recent years we have also visited the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales, Northern France and Barcelona in Spain.

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