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Children’s Mental Health Week

Last week was Children’s Mental Health Week. The theme was Let’s Connect, and we encouraged pupils and staff to make healthy, rewarding, and meaningful connections. Pupils were introduced to and discussed the theme during Session Zero. Pupils thought about how being connected to music, peers, friends, family and the community could improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people.


We also had a number of activities taking place to further explore the ‘Get Connected’ theme!


  • Pupils worked with Miss Townsend on Monday to explore connections between exercise and metal health through team challenges.

  • On Tuesday Mrs Worlsey and Mrs Hastie helped pupils send postcards to residents in the local community to explore how connecting with others can make us feel happy.

  • On Thursday Miss Gangyani helped pupils connect the mind and body through a lunch-time yoga session!

  • Finally, on Friday pupils worked with Miss Moore and The Threads Objective to explore how we feel connected to those we love (including ourselves!) Pupils made cards using old clothes and chatted about what love means.

Pupils expressed how they really value their friendships and relationships with family, and they want to feel a part of a community – because these things are so vital for our mental wellbeing. It was fantastic to see so many pupils taking part in from our Smithills Community!


Remember, if a young person or parent/carer need advice, guidance or support for mental health and wellbeing they should visit the Mental Health and Wellbeing pages of the school website where they will find links to services available and contact details for school staff.

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