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Pile of Books


‘Reading is the beating heart of the lesson’ – Mary Myatt (Education Advisor)


Reading for Progress is what we call ‘disciplinary literacy’, or, for example, ‘reading like a scientist.’ In class, our expert teachers have created clear strategies to ensure our pupils are reading using the tools they require to progress in that area – making predictions about an experiment based on the written hypothesis in science, for example. Each area of our curriculum has also put together a reading list for pupils to expand on the knowledge they are being taught in class, all of which are available in The Hive, Smithills School library. We understand that every subject at school has it’s own ’language,’ and our teachers are here to help communicate this code to our pupils so they can flourish academically.


These books, specifically selected by our Department Heads, will enhance pupils knowledge for each curriculum area, and also add ‘reading miles’ to each pupil, enhancing their overall fluency.


After October half-term, each English class in Key Stage 3 will receive regular English lessons in The Hive.


Throughout the curriculum, there is a focus on enhancing students' understanding of subject-specific knowledge and vocabulary. Each subject has distinct objectives and thus requires various types of texts. These texts are designed to be easily comprehensible and are written with an age-appropriate level of interest to motivate students to explore subjects further.


In the classroom, teachers highlight the structural elements of texts, such as tables, glossaries, or integrated tasks, enabling students to extract valuable information that can be applied in their extended Reading for Progress activities.

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