TEAMS Laptop Winners July 2020

We introduced Microsoft Teams as a platform to help our students home learning during the difficulties of the lockdown period. As an extra incentive to help motivate our students every 2 weeks, each Directors of Learning picked 3 students that excelled with their learning on MS teams. They receive a £10 Gift card. As well as the £10 gift, every 2 weeks the top 10 performers in each year group was entered in to a prize draw for the final week of term. The top prize was a laptop for one student from Year 7 - 10.

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Microsoft TEAMS laptops are;

Year 7 - Liam W

Year 8 - Hannah L

Year 9 - Elle R

Year 10 - Ryan N

We would like to thank all the pupils at Smithills who have worked hard during these past few months on their home learning. Mr Sidebottom added, "Over the last 3 months we have had difficulties but we have worked together as a team to provide an education, which meets the needs of our students the best we can ... They got the laptops because they put the most hours in, the most effort into each piece of work and have done everything we have asked them to do". Mr Sidebottom finished by saying, "I know there's a lot more of our students who have done the same and in the future you may also be lucky to win a similar prize".


All the Teachers and Staff at Smithills would like to wish you all a safe and enjoyable Summer.


Watch Mr Sidebottom revealing the winners below.

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