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Учениците от 7-ми клас успяха да се насладят на една седмица STEM във всичките си уроци.


Те създадоха невероятни картини в изкуството, създадоха клинометри в математиката, построиха ракети в науката и много други неща, свързани с ракети в цялото училище. 


Enthuse Partnerships aim to empower schools and colleges to share practice and work collaboratively, addressing underachievement in STEM subjects, inspiring excellence in the STEM curriculum, and raising aspirations for STEM careers and further study. 

The schools involved in the Enrichment Day set a project to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of mining 'Indium' from Winter Hill in January. The schools presented their findings to external STEM Ambassadors - who judged their project and presentation during the event. The pupils also had to design ramps to transport the 'Indium' down the mine cliff face, use their engineering skills to build wheelbarrows (using MTa equipment) to transport the 'Indium', and design gliders to fly the 'Indium' from Winter Hill to Manchester. External provider Sam Gregson also delivered an interactive Science show. 

It was a fantastic STEM day enjoyed by all.

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