Smithills School Staff Takes on the Taskmaster

As a special Christmas gift to all our wonderful pupils at Smithills School, the staff at Smithills School decided to put on a Smithills version of the popular Television programme, Taskmaster. As a reward for all their hard work this year, the school would air the 12-minute Smithills alternative version during form time, just before the pupils departed for their Christmas break.


Mr Sidebottom (Principal) said, “We wanted to do something a little different this year to reward our pupils for their hard work during the pandemic and what better way than creating our very own Smithills Taskmaster video”.


The trailer was aired on Wednesday 16th December on the school’s social media channels as well as the Smithills school website.


Mr Sheard-Pearson (Head of Boys PE), who directed the production said, “I have been a fan of the show for years and when we were coming up with ideas on how to reward the pupils for their hard work this year, it was an obvious idea to recreate the show, putting a Smithills spin on it”.


Staff at the school were given 2 challenges, the first one was to make and fly a paper airplane across the sports hall from the spectator’s balcony, within a minute time set. And the second one was to draw a caricature of the Principal, again with a time limit set at 3 minutes. As a special bonus challenge for the Principal, Mr Sidebottom had to get from lower canteen to upper canteen without being seen by pupils or staff.  Similar to the TV show, the staff knew nothing about the challenges prior to competing against one another.

Mr Muller (Design and Media Technician), who helped film the show said, “I had fun filming with the staff and seeing how everyone decrypted the challenges was also entertaining … I hope everyone enjoys watching the final edit”.


The video was aired Live on the school’s YouTube channel on Friday 18th December to the whole school during form time.


One year 7 pupil said, “I’ve never laughed so much in all my life, it was so good of all the staff to put something like this on for us during these hard times”.

Behind The Scenes Picture Gallery Of The Staff Taskmaster 

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