The key aims of our library

·         To provide a stimulating, secure and supportive learning and study environment.

·         To enable pupils to develop their information skills to become confident, independent and lifelong learners.

·         To provide a wide range of current Children’s and Young Adult fiction, supporting literacy development and            encouraging reading for pleasure.

·         To provide a current and responsive range of print and online information resources, supporting the                          curriculum of the School.

·         To provide space, resources and activities which respond to and develop Smithills School pupils as                         individuals.

The Library has 25,000+ resources including books, journals and web resources. All pupils are automatically enrolled as members of the library when they join Smithills School, and have full access to the facilities we offer throughout their school lives.



​We have a number of clubs running at lunchtime throughout the week.

We have Chess Club run by our visiting expert, Mr Swift who coaches to competition level. If you are a beginner it doesn’t matter.  He will teach you how to play.

We run Scrabble Club for KS3 pupils. It links literacy and numeracy through the game whilst having fun, and our Languages Club focuses on having fun while taking part in activities designed to increase enthusiasm for learning languages and encouraging ‘speaking’, ‘writing’, ‘listening/reading’ and ‘responding’ skills.


Our Lego club was launched recently during lunchtime and is very popular with pupils and staff!!

Our Book Club is very popular and we have been trailing the Bolton Children’s Fiction Awards for a number of years. Pupils read and vote on their three favourite books from a selection nominated by local School Librarians. This culminates in a day celebrating books and reading.


New before school is our Comic Club run by the Librarian.  Pupils can create a comic or read and discuss comics and graphic novels.


We frequently run themed quizzes and events celebrating World Book Day, National Poetry Day, Roald Dahl Day, Harry Potter and Shakespeare to name but a few, and we regularly promote topics that tie in with the English Curriculum.




We have a very exciting Library curriculum, and throughout the year pupils are able to participate in a range of events from trips to book awards, to sessions with visiting storytellers, poets and illustrators. Our success with this is in inspiring our pupils and bringing reading to life.



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Starting this week (Monday 4th May 2020), Smithills School Library will be showing weekly book trailers to promote some of our fantastic books!


4/05/20: The Girl Who Speaks Bear by Sophie Anderson - Click Here

11/05/20: Click Here

18/05/20: The Girl of Ink & Stars - Click Here





Part 1 of WHO WILL COMFORT TOFFLE? - Click Here



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​The library is a resource for all students and should be treated with respect to ensure that everyone can maximise its use and enjoyment.


All students must:

·         Take care of all library property and return borrowed items on time and in good condition.

·         Maintain a reasonably quiet atmosphere during Library lessons.

·         Help keep the Library tidy by replacing any books, magazines or newspapers used for study or recreational            reading.

·         Use the waste-paper bin for rubbish.

·         When vacating the library, replace chairs tidily under the table.

·         Use the coat hooks for bags and coats during lesson time.

·         Mobile phones & MP3 players are not allowed.

·         Eating and drinking is not permitted.

·         We expect pupils who use the Library during break and lunch and who are not involved in clubs, to do so               productively, and either do homework, study, change books or read.



The school library appoints a team of pupil librarians each year, with some remaining with us for the duration of their time at Smithills. Our librarians undertake their bronze, silver and gold awards run by the School Library Association as they work towards achieving full librarian status.

The pupils work on a rota each day managing different aspects of the school library and they ensure that it runs smoothly. Their duties include checking out books, organising displays, writing reviews, replenishing the shelves and supporting IT requests. Their presence helps ensure a positive environment, and they are so enthusiastic and willing to give up their breaks and lunchtime to work in the library.




BBC Bitesize Games

Top Marks Games

Sentence Play



Recommended reads



  • ​​IT

  • We have a class set of iPads for use during Library lessons

  • 12 Laptops for lessons and use at break or lunch

  • 7 fixed PCs

  • Colour photocopier

  • Projector and Whiteboard

  • Oliver is our Library software that we use to catalogue, issue and return resources.

  • Every member of Smithills School – teachers and pupils – has Library account. This can be accessed in school by logging on to a computer; then from the desktop screen clicking on the Library icon.

  • Fiction (storybooks)​.

  • Our storybooks are arranged by Reading ages, arranged in alphabetical order by the author’s last name. These books have colour coded and genre stickers also where applicable to help you make your choices.

  • Quick Reads and Graphic Novels

  • We have a range of shorter reads and comic book novels and picture versions of popular books.

  • ​Non-Fiction (information books)​. These are arranged by Reading ages level where applicable and also have Dewey reference numbers, organised according to the classification scheme.

  • Reference Section, GCSE and KS4 Study Guides​. This section contains dictionaries, thesauruses, as well as other useful reference and study materials for all subject areas. Reference books should not be taken out of the Library, but can be used within the Library for study or research.


We welcome feedback so please feel free to comment on the content of the site or even call into the library and speak to a member of staff. 




The library is open Monday to Friday (8:00am – 4:00pm)

Librarian: Mrs Fahlin

Follow us on Twitter @SmithillsSchLib