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“Be who you are and say how you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."  

Dr Seuss



Subject Intent:


The RSHE programme is based on the needs of students in the school with learning outcomes appropriate to their age, ability and level of maturity. RSHE will be firmly embedded within our broader curriculum areas, in addition to more focused learning through RSHE sessions, and assemblies. Students will be helped to appreciate difference and to respect themselves and others.  It has been written with regard to the DfE Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education guidance and other relevant guidance documents and statutory requirements (see policy).  The RSHE teaching in this school contributes to our statutory duty to safeguard children and prepare them for the responsibilities and experiences of adult life. RSHE is taught in an age appropriate manner throughout the school.  We have a duty to prepare our students for life in modern Britain and to keep them safe. Everyone has the right to learn and work safely. We do not tolerate bullying of any kind and will challenge derogatory language and behaviour towards others (see Behaviour and Anti-Bullying policy).  We acknowledge that not all parents/carers feel confident or comfortable talking to their children about this area therefore our work in school ensures that all students have the information they need to keep safe and make positive, healthy choices.


We built the curriculum with the intent that students will be:


• Develop knowledge and understanding of positive and healthy relationships and the importance of commitment

• Make students aware of their rights especially in relation to their bodies

• Enable the development of social and relationship skills and protective behaviours

• Prepare students for the physical and emotional changes of puberty

• Develop understanding of reproduction and birth within the context of loving and caring relationships

• Explore a range of attitudes, values and faith perspectives around aspects of relationships and sex

• Support students to use the internet safely and to recognise the benefits and risks that it brings

• Develop students’ skills around assessing risk and keeping safe

• Enable children to gain the skills and understanding to support the development of healthy bodies and minds • Enable students to recognise and manage their emotions

• Provide students with the knowledge and skills to access appropriate support

Subject Implementation:

  • KS3 is taught through PD curriculum time which is an hour over the fortnight. At KS4 from September 2023 pupils at KS4 will have an hour a fortnight PD to cover statutory RE, RSHE and Citizenship.

  • In year 7 pupils focus Healthy Choices including puberty and changing bodies, healthy choices, the impact of alcohol, smoking and drugs as well as FGM incl bullying (and cyber)

  • In year 8 pupils focus on Healthy relationships as well as safety incl online and mental health

  • In year 9 pupils revisit previous learning and develop this to issues around contraception, abortion and fertility, incl protected characteristics.

  • From 2023 the PD hour at KS4 will see pupils have dedicated time in year 10 around issues on sex and the law, fertility issues including menopause and IVF and in Year 11 misogyny, honour based violence and financial planning.

GCSE Option only

  •  Pupils have the summer term post GCSE a dedicated curriculum as detailed above themed to marriage, relationships and choices around sex including the impact of sex and drugs on sex.

Pupils are assessed through discussion and feedback revisiting topics to ensure pupils receive depth and breadth of knowledge appropriate to their age and maturity

Subject Enrichment:

  • External Speakers to support delivery

  • Use of resources from expert organisations

  • Whysup gambling gaming and mental health

  • There is also cross over content covered in the Session 0 Curriculum which is covered in the following places All -  receive financial education in Session 0 on gambling / bank accounts / protected characteristics / work contracts / Mental Health throughout 


School nurse to lead contraception lesson in Session 0 year 11

Subject Impact:

  • Adaptive curriculum that allows pupils and staff to review and revisit topics as needed to ensure pupils understand content

  • Pupils are aware of the risks in a variety of situations and are equipped to make informed judgements

  • Pupils are aware of where to access support if needed and do access it. 

  • Pupil voice on lesson content and the impact this has had on their knowledge and understanding / misconceptions

  • Pupils feeling “heard” on issues that they feel they otherwise cannot ask about.

PD Road Map KS3 2023.jpg
PD Road Map KS4 2023-24.jpeg

Knowledge and Skills


Year 7 PD


Pupils will develop their knowledge of:

Pupils will develop their skills in


Year 8 PD


Pupils will develop their knowledge of:

Statutory RHSE Relationships, Equality living a healthy life making healthy choices.


Pupils will develop their skills in




Pupils will develop their knowledge of:


Pupils will develop their skills in




Pupils will develop their knowledge of:


Pupils will develop their skills in


From 2023 PD hour will also cover year 9

Pupils will develop their knowledge of:

Pupils will develop their skills in 


Year 10 PD hour from 2023

Pupils will develop their knowledge of:


Year 11 PD hour from 2023

Pupils will develop their knowledge of:

Contact Head of Department:

Mrs Goldie -


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