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Lead in department: Girls PE | K. Park

                                  Boys PE | S. Sheard-Pearson

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The mission of the Physical Education department is to enable pupils to develop knowledge and understanding of the factors that underpin physical activity and sport and use this to improve performance. We aim to develop their understanding of how the physiological and psychological state affects performance in physical activity, sport and how this contributes to make a healthy, fit and educated pupil who can make informed lifestyle and well-being choices. We strive to deliver activities to allow pupils to perform effectively in different physical activities by developing skills and techniques and selecting and using tactics, strategies and/or compositional ideas. This inevitably will lead to developing their ability to analyse and evaluate to improve performance. We also want pupils to understand the key socio-cultural influences that can affect people’s involvement in physical activity and sport.


The Physical Education Curriculum

•       The curriculum at Key Stage 3 allows each child to have 3 hours of Physical Education every two weeks.                   Classes are single sexed and vary from class sizes (25-30 pupils).

•       Year 7 and 8 are mirrored in their activities to ensure and deepen understanding of specific activities. This                 base is to support and reinforce assessment in Key Stage 4.

•       Year 9 lessons offer more variety of activities to engage and motivate participation in this subject. Again we             are aiming to align this to the GCSE specification to ensure pupils have a sound understanding of the high                 expectations of performance within the new Cambridge National and GCSE PE courses. 

•       Key Stage 3 PE educates and enriches other areas in the curriculum;

         Geography with cross country running and the discussion of the weather and how this affects the playing                 areas, Mathematics with the development of organising tournaments and scoring systems to allow them to               outwit opponents in a competitive situation. English, to critically analyse  performance and compare and                 contrast techniques and how to make improvements for different performers needs. Science overlaps in                 many areas of movement analysis as well as the identification of the parts of the body and how these                       function through physical activity.

•      Year 10&11 Core PE lessons are targeted to ensure pupils are well educated in health and wellbeing, in                    preparation for the rest of their lives.

•      At Key Stage 4 we offer currently the OCR Cambridge Nationals Certificate to be examined in 2018, which                will be the first cohort. 


•       Pupils will be assessed at the end of each block of work covered in the form of a practical assessment in 7, 8           and 9.

•       Staff complete Step Descriptors grades in line with National GCSE Grading strategy 1-9. This is all part of the             planning process for lesson planning.

•       Each pupil has been allocated a ROUTE and each pupil will work towards their own personalised target                   route in school.

•       Assessment is done throughout each lesson we teach. In the PE department we assess through giving                        individual feedback as well as small group/whole group feedback when we diagnose the learning issue                 which may be preventing them to progress.



Currently we are studying the OCR Cambridge National Sport Studies course. As part of the course we study the following units: 


R051: Contemporary issues in sport

Written paper

OCR set and marked

1 hour – 60 marks (60 UMS)


Learning Outcome 1: Understand the issues which affect participation in sport.

Learning Outcome 2: Know about the role of sport in promoting values.

Learning Outcome 3: Understand the importance of hosting major sporting events.

Learning Outcome 4: Know about the role of national governing bodies in sport.


R052: Developing sports skills

Centre assessed tasks

OCR moderated

60 marks (60 UMS)


Learning Outcome 1: Be able to use skills, techniques and tactics/strategies/compositional ideas as an individual performer in a sporting activity.

Learning Outcome 2: Be able to use skills, techniques and tactics/strategies/compositional ideas as a team performer in sporting activity.

Learning Outcome 3: Be able to officiate in a sporting activity.

Learning Outcome 4: Be able to apply practice methods to support improvement in a sporting activity.


R053: Sports leadership 

Centre assessed tasks

OCR moderated

60 marks (60 UMS)


Learning Outcome 1: Know the personal qualities, styles, roles and responsibilities associated with effective sports leadership.

Learning Outcome 2: Be able to plan sports activity sessions.

Learning Outcome 3: Be able to deliver sports activity session.

Learning Outcome 4: Be able to evaluate own performance in delivering a sports activity session.


R056: Developing knowledge and skills in outdoor activities

Centre assessed tasks

OCR moderated

60 marks (60 UMS)


Learning Outcome 1: Know about different types of outdoor activities and their provision.

Learning Outcome 2: Understand the value of participating in outdoor activities.

Learning Outcome 3: Be able to plan an outdoor activity.

Learning Outcome 4: Be able to demonstrate knowledge and skills during outdoor activities.





Smithills cover a range of extra-curricular activities. We aim to instil engagement of the activities through the curriculum time and to give a secure knowledge base so that pupils can to represent school against other local schools:


•       Cross Country- Town competition

•       Netball- Regular fixtures against Bolton schools/tournaments for Year 7&8.

•       Basketball- Fixtures against Bolton Schools with lots of success- Link with Alan Bannister who is an external               coach each week during the season.

•       Badminton- recreational.

•       Fitness club run with exceptional success.

•       Rugby recreational sessions

•       Handball recreational club set up with Bolton Hussars.

•       Trampolining- recreational.

•       Rounders- Regular fixtures against Bolton schools.

To further support the development of each child we have identified useful site to develop their knowledge and awareness of where to access further relevant information for PE and Sport locally and nationally.


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