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Mental Health Week

Today (18th May 2020) marks the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week. This year’s theme is “kindness” and it could be the most important week the Mental Health Foundation have ever run …


Research shows that protecting our mental health is going to be central to us coping with and recovering from the coronavirus pandemic – with the psychological and social impacts likely to outlast the physical symptoms of the virus.


This year’s theme has been chosen because of its singular ability to unlock our shared humanity. Kindness is a cornerstone of our individual and collective mental health. Wisdom from every culture recognises that kindness is something that all human beings need to experience and practise to be fully alive.

During this week, we are asking you to do the following things:

  • Reflect on acts of kindness you have seen during the coronavirus pandemic

  • Encourage others in your household and wider community to join in practicing acts of kindness to yourself and others during the week

  • Share your ideas on how you think we could build a kinder society that would support our mental health


Additionally, we encourage you to send in any images of your acts of kindness throughout the week. We will be collating any pictures of staff and students showing an act of kindness (this could be an image of you showing kindness towards others or yourself, holding up a mantra or suggestion, kindness you have seen within the community) to create a Smithills Collage of Kindness. This will then be shared with the Smithills community and through social media.


Please send these to


Kindness is defined by doing something towards yourself and others, motivated by a desire to make a positive difference. Kindness and our mental health are deeply connected. It is an antidote to isolation and creates a sense of belonging. Kindness reduces stress, brings a fresh perspective and deepens friendships. Kindness boosts self-esteem and can even improve feelings of confidence and optimism.


The week will shine a light on the ways that kindness is already flowering at this time and encourage us to explore the sort of school community we would like to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic.

Victory in Europe

"The Day of Victory in Europe", these were the words that opened the 8am news bulletin of Tuesday 8th May 1945. A time of deep reflection, celebration, sorrow and joy. Fighting in Europe had come to an end after nearly 6 years of bloody and, at the time, unimaginable conflict. World War Two tore nations apart, destroyed empires and would see the dawn of the nuclear age and modern day superpowers competing and fighting for global and ideological supremacy.


On this day, King George, Queen Elizabeth (mother to Queen Elizabeth II) and Winston Churchill addressed the crowds in London and throughout the UK via the radio and public addresses. Crowds gathered outside Buckingham Palace, St Paul's Cathedral and Downing Street in London and in city centres across the UK to enjoy their "brief period of rejoicing" before they faced the realities of a new and very different world to that of pre-1939.


The war would continue in the east for another 3 months until the complete surrender of Imperial Japanese forces on September 2nd 1945.


Today we remember those that gave their lives for the freedom and liberty of Europe and the wider world. We also remember those innocent people (the millions of them) who died as a result of the fighting, genocide, disease and famine. There is an abundance of programmes dedicated to VE Day across all channels, with a special message from The Queen at 9pm on ITV. This will mark the exact time that her father, King George VI, gave his address to the people in 1945.


If you are interested or you children want to learn more there are lots of articles on including this one Click Here which provides a balanced view on people's experiences of VE Day.          (username: smithillsschool            password: theday)


Winston Churchill's speech from Downing Street - Click Here


King George VI speech - Click Here


Images on the MEN website - Click Here


Stay safe and enjoy your bank holiday weekend. If you have any further questions or want me to help you find some information about VE Day or the war, please let me know (and I will do my best to help).


- Mr Hill ​

Music Competitions

There are two exciting music compositions that you might want to enter from the BBC both are for pupils aged 12-18. All the information can be found on the website links below and if you decide to enter then please let Mrs Elliott know and send her your compositions.


1. BBC Young composer composition - Click Here

2. BBC Young composer: 30 Second Composition Challenge - Click Here


If you have any questions then contact Mrs Elliott on 

Year 11's Last Day At Smithills | March 2020

We said goodbye to our fantastic year 11's today at Smithills School. We would like to wish them all the best for their future and thank them for being an amazing year group.


Mr Sidebottom said, "I really feel for them today, it's been really tough as their Principal to watch the last few days unfold in the news but they are all so strong and will make all their teachers proud in the future. We wanted to do something for them today, so we invited them to a free lunch and had a special awards ceremony. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for the last 5 years and wish them all the very best of luck". 

LAMDA Acting and Speech Exams 100% Pass Rate Success at Smithills School

All pupils in Year 8 at Smithills School have studied and completed a London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts exam in Acting and Speech during their Oracy Performing Arts lessons. Pupils had to present their work to visiting external examiners demonstrating how they have worked on exploring and developing a strong speaking voice, positive body language, self-confidence and physical presence, attributes that are key to success in further education and the world of work. The Performing Arts Department are celebrating the success with a 100% pass rate and 60% of the cohort achieving a Distinction (highest grade possible).


Mr Milthorpe (Head of Performing Arts and PE) says, ‘I am absolutely delighted with what our pupils have achieved, they have worked with focus and determination to succeed in these exams. My team of performing arts teachers, Mrs Elliott and Miss Oakes have worked extremely hard to ensure all pupils were fully prepared for these exams’.

Read our exclusive story in the Bolton News HERE

World Book Day 2020

On March 5th Smithills School celebrated World Book Day.


We started the day with Breakfast in the Library for top borrowers across Years 7, 8 and 9 and shared an extract from Charlotte’s Web which was our Library theme. 


We ran a Book Café for one lesson, with pupils trying a variety of genres, choosing Horror as their favourite. At lunchtime, pupils were challenged with a scavenger hunt to work out clues in order to find book villains.


For Smithills, the day is all about the magic that books bring into our lives. We hope you too had a happy World Book Day and many enjoyable happy ever afters. Don't forget to read something you love!

Actions Have Consequences Police Seminar

On 6th February Smithills School managed to secure Paul McGovern OBE to come in to School and work with us on drug and knife crime prevention.

Paul delivered the ‘Actions have consequences’ seminar to all year groups, as well as introducing the drugs dog 'Charlotte'.

All the pupils responded well and was engaging in what Paul was delivering around drug and knife crime prevention.

Thank you again to Greater Manchester Police and Astley Bridge Police Station for coming into Smithills School.

See the promotional film from the event below Here.

Mental Health - LIVVY K

We welcomed singer and mental health campaigner Livvy K to Smithills on Monday 27th January. Livvy K is a solo artist from the North West who has supported Rita Ora on some of her tour dates and is currently touring over 30 schools around the UK. Livvy K not only performed for our students, but also delivered a drug education, mental health and healthy lifestyles message.


Years 8, 9 and 10 were lucky enough to watch Livvy K perform her single “Broken” which was written to bring awareness to mental health challenges. Having had her own issues with mental health, Livvy K’s new song has been recorded in an effort to bring more awareness around the subject. 


Livvy K also premiered another of her latest projects, a mini documentary, about emotional wellbeing and the struggles of some of her close family and friends, and lead discussions with each year group on drug education, healthy lifestyles and mental health. 


Jodie Gifford, a Year 10 student, who was inspired by Livvy K’s personal story said, “Livvy K’s performance and presentation was very moving and inspirational. Livvy K spoke in a very sensitive way about the topics and was approachable, including the audience in her conversations. She was very keen to know what we thought and ensured us that we are not alone in our struggles with mental health. She made everyone in the room aware of mental health issues and what support we could get.”


Amy Greenhalgh, another Year 10 student, praised the way Livvy K spoke about emotional wellbeing saying, “Livvy K was inspirational and presented mental health as something normal, relatable and significant. She shared her own experiences and that made her easy to connect to. She was close to our ages, which made it easy to relate to her struggles. I enjoyed seeing her perform and the fact that she is so young makes her a role model.”


Everyone in the audience was captivated by Livvy K’s performance and was inspired and motivated by her personal story! You can watch Livvy K’s documentary and single on YouTube: – Documentary – “Broken” single


Follow Livvy K on Instagram to stay up to date with her Happiness is a Habit School Tour @whoislivvyK


We wish Livvy K all the best on the remainder of her school tour!


Year 9

Click Here to download the Key Stage 4 Options Booklet.

Click Here to download the Key Stage 4 Options form.

Year 8

Click Here to download the Year 8 Options Booklet.

Click Here to download the Year 8 Options Form.

Click Here to download the Year 8 Options PowerPoint.

Children's Mental Health Week

Last week was Children’s Mental Health Week, set up by charity Place2B. The week shines a spotlight on the importance of children and young people’s mental health. This year’s theme was Find your Brave.


In Session Zero, our students started the week by discussing their own definitions of mental health and wellbeing and deciding what makes someone brave. Students decided that bravery comes in all shapes and sizes and is different for everyone. Bravery can be about sharing worries and asking for help, trying something new or pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. Everyone agreed that Finding your Brave can build your confidence, self-esteem and make you feel good about yourself.

On Wednesday, Smithills launched ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’, a weekly bulletin sent to staff and students, offering mental health education and top tips. These bulletins are also available on the Smithills Mental Health Twitter account, @SmithillsMH.

On Thursday, in connection with Children’s Mental Health Week, was Time to Talk Day. Talking about mental health can feel awkward, but it doesn’t have to. To encourage others to speak about their mental wellbeing, we launched our Happy Café at lunch time. The café was a friendly and welcoming place to meet other people, share stories, chat and each lunch!


We also challenged the Find your Brave theme by trying some divisive foods! Students shared messages of positivity and shared their bravest moments. We will be running our Happy Café in school on a monthly basis (See pictures below).


Don’t forget to follow the conversation around young people’s mental health and wellbeing on our Twitter, @SmithillsMH.

We have also updated the Mental Health area on our website with a detailed list of websites that can be accessed by both parents and students.

Year 11 Conference and Mock Interview Day

We hosted our annual Year 11 Conference on Friday 17th January with local employers at Smithills School. A massive thank you to all employers that helped make the Conference another success; Department for Work and Pensions, Asda, Bolton at Home, IRU Engineering, Markem Image, William Hare, RAF, MBDA, Royal Navy, BLGC, RRG, Stateside, Vision for Education, The Growth Company, BSF College, Bolton College and Alliance Learning.

This event is vital into give the pupils an insight into prepping for a job and experiencing the whole interviewing process with employers in a variety of different sectors, closely linked to what job they might want to train for in the future.


During lesson 1, pupils were given the opportunity to prep and research into the company and job they were going for before the interview took place. Each pupil had their own time slot and made their way over to the interview room, where their fellow peers were having similar interviews throughout the morning.

Peter Freestone (MBDA) said on the school hosting the event, “The school is itself is I think brilliant, the enthusiasm from the staff helps, the kids come across as well-presented young adults”.


Adding to Peter’s comment Ceri Travers (William Hare Ltd) said, “I have been really surprised at how well they have all done. The first thing I noticed was how amazingly dressed they all are, some of them look better dressed than the adults I interview at work”.


Jamie Griffiths, Year 11 pupil, who was interviewed by Tim Rowbottom (Department for Work and Pensions) said, “It was a lot less stressful than I thought. The questions they asked weren’t too intimidating. I thought it went really well”.


Ian Upton (IRU Engineering) couldn’t praise the pupils at Smithills enough, “They were just incredible, some of the answers given by the year 11 pupils today were better answers to interview questions than some of the engineers I’ve interviewed. All I can say is well done Smithills”.

Morocco Trip Blog


Tuesday 21st January

And we are off ... On our way to Manchester Airport.

Apologies for Lack of content on the Smithills Marrakesh 2020 trip we had no WiFi and when we did we had 36 lovely kids using more than we could.


Day 1

Arrival at the Airport in Morocco 19.00 Morocco time (+1 Hour) 14,000 steps kids have taken.

Day 2

Wednesday 22nd January.

10,000 steps approx taken with the kids today.

Breakfast for the Students with Smithills canteen hot choc as they seem to like this and also a selection of Cereals. 3 Hour Trip to Ouzoud Waterfall, Boat trip and the bottom and lunch.

Day 3

Thursday 23rd January 2020.

Agafay Desert and Berber Village.

31,000 steps approx travelled with the kids today.

We are Camel riding and also Quad Biking.

The Pupils also Bought some sweets out of their money and gave these to the kids in a nearby village (We did not take pictures as we did not want to scare the kids or their family’s).

We finished with a trip to the Jemma el-Fna the main market square for a little shopping and then a visit to the oldest Mosque in Marrakesh Ali Ben Youssef.

Day 4

Friday 24th January 2020

Departing Marrakesh for Essaouira Visiting Argan Oil Museum and Fishing Quay then on to Agadir for our next adventure.

17,000 steps approx kids traveled today.

Day 5

A day of the beach and time for the kids to relax, play on the beach and play football before we depart this idlic place back to rainy England.

Approx 17,000 steps today.

We also visited Crocoparc on the way back to the airport, i wonder what we will see there...

Mental Health Boxer Visits Smithills

Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist & European Silver Medallistand Youth Sport Trust athlete mentor, Courtney Fry, visited students from Smithills School this week 10/12/2019, to raise awareness of the importance of mental health as part of the Greater Manchester Mentally Healthy Schools & Colleges Programme.


His visit was part of a programme, commissioned by Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, to provide specialist mental health support for both pupils and teachers in 125 primary, secondary schools and colleges across Greater Manchester.


The athlete, who’s sport has taken him around the world, competing at the Commonwealth Games, World Championships and the Olympic Games,has been working with students to provide advice to help improve their confidence and reach their full potential.  


Drawing on his own experiences of being bullied at school for being good at sport and competing at a high level, Courtney Fry has also been offering the students coaching in key life skills such as growing self-esteem, learning creative thinking skills and how to develop coping strategies for challenges.


The two-phase scheme which has expanded from 64 educational settings to a total of 125 schools, colleges and pupil referral units is a collaboration between Alliance for Learning Teaching School, Place2Be, children’s charity the Youth Sport Trust, Social Sense, Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership and 42nd Street. 


One in eight young people aged 5 to 19 has at least one mental health disorder according to research from The NHS. Through workshops with Youth Sport Trust athlete mentors and Place2Be, young people are being supported to build their confidence and reach their full potential. The programme has already found that by helping young people to become Mental Health Champions, 88% of primary pupils taking part said they can now recognise poor mental health in their peers. 


Alliance For Learning, the teaching school part of the Bright Futures Educational Trust, has trained the school leadership teams in mental health first aid, while the project has offered schools guidance on how to work more effectively with children and young people experiencing mental health problems. The scheme has also provided a simpler, easier way to refer into Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).


Courtney Fry, Youth Sport Trust athlete mentor, said: 


“The Greater Manchester Healthy Schools & Colleges Programme really is making a difference to young people and I was pleased to see how the sessions encouraged students to open up. I take great pride in the part I play in motivating and inspiring young people to take up sport and promote positive mental health and wellbeing.  Whilst at school, I would have loved the opportunity to meet someone who had competed at a high level. For me, it’s a great way of sharing my experiences and knowledge to educate and help others choose the right paths in life.”


Miss Angus, Mental Health Lead said:


"Our students have really benefitted from this project and the support we have received has been excellent.  As a school, we feel we do a lot to support wellbeing already, but the extra training in mental health first aid and the student workshops have enhanced our provision. It is fantastic to see the links between mental health, sport and physical activity being made explicit too.”

Check out our story in the Bolton News HERE.

Tommy's Bench (Update)

We would just like to update all of the wonderful and supportive people of Bolton whose kind donations allowed Smithills School to replace the bench at the top of scout road, so that Tommy could continue his walks up the Dean, feeding the birds as he goes.  Ultimately enjoying a well-earned rest at the top with what must be one of the best views of Bolton!  


Tommy has become quite a local celebrity and has asked us to once again pass on his thanks, not just for the bench but also for the waves, smiles and Christmas gifts that were given to him in the run up to Christmas.


Letter from Tommy.


‘Thanks you for all the cards, gifts and lovely messages that I received leading up to Christmas.  I was totally overwhelmed by people’s generosity and the knowledge that people appreciate what I try to do throughout the year.  I always have a smile on my face and a wave for the people passing by.

Thank you for giving me the best Christmas ever.

Tom, the bench man Scout Road.’

Smithills Community Party 2019

On Tuesday 9th December, Smithills School invited members of the local community into the school for a 3 course Christmas dinner like never before.

Staff and pupils greeted guests to their seat, where they were served with a welcome drink and a starter. As the dinner progressed, Smithills very own vocal group warmed guests with some traditional Christmas carols.

Shortly after the starter, pupils then served guests the main course, while our very talented Performing Arts pupils performed various dance pieces.

Ellie (Year 10 pupil) who helped during the event said, "It was just nice to be amongst the warm Christmas spirt that Smithills had created for the community." 

Mrs Elliott (Head of Music) agreed with Ellie adding, "This is a Smithills tradition now that we host the local Community for a few hours, serving them a traditional Christmas dinner, singing carols and generally having a good, festive time."

Mr Sidebottom (Principal) welcomed the guests into Smithills and said, "I just love this festive time of year where staff, pupils and the community get together and enjoy Christmas together.

The afternoon was another success and we would like to thank all the staff and pupils for giving their time and making precious memories in the community that they will remember for a very long time.

Click HERE to read our exclusive story in the Bolton News.

Poland Trip Blog


Wednesday 11th December

Today we went to Auschwitz concentration camp and went to the Christmas markets.

Thursday 12th December

Second day in Krakow. We explored the Kazimierz (Jewish Quarter) and heard the tragic story of the Karkow Ghetto.

Friday 13th December

It’s our last day in Krakow and we have been sightseeing, shopping and riding around the old town on scooters. We’ve been so proud of how mature and respectful our pupils have been on this trip. They’ve been an absolute credit to Smithills School. 

Singin' In The Rain

The Performing Arts Faculty at Smithills School have been working extremely hard with the pupils in putting together 3 exciting nights of performances of the hit musical, 'Singing' In The Rain'.

The play ran from Monday 18th November right through until Wednesday 20th November.


Based on the 1952 movie of the same name, Singin’ In The Rain JR. takes place in Hollywood during the last days of the silent movie era.  The story follows Don Lockwood, one half of the blockbuster celebrity silent movie star “couple” Lockwood and Lamont, and the extreme measures taken when his co-star’s high-pitched and nasal voice threatens the duo’s successful transition into talking pictures.

Singin’ In The Rain JR. is adapted from the classic Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film - named the #1 best movie musical of all time by the American Film Institute - by special arrangement with Warner Bros. Theatre Ventures, Inc. The show features a book by Betty Comden and Adolph Green and songs by Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed.  

“Through their production these students are learning about the golden age of musicals, a very important period in America’s cultural history.  And while they are performing songs and a story that we know and love, they are also exploring some significant ideas including the different sides of celebrity, the importance of adapting to change, the various ways society categorizes success and the realities behind pursuing one’s dreams,” says Cohen. 


In silent movies and in the tabloids, Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont are the perfect couple, but behind the scenes Lockwood has no feeling for his vapid co-star.  Meanwhile, Lamont's squeaky voice might be the end of the duo’s career in "talking pictures" without the help of a talented young actress to do the talking and singing for her.


Mr Milthorpe (Head of Performing Arts at Smithills) said, "This is one of my favourite films of all time and to be given the opportunity to performing this with the pupils at Smithills is a dream come true".


Jaime Ball (Year 11 Pupil) who plays one of the leading ladies in the play stated, "This is my final show performing at Smithills School and I’m sad that it's coming to an end. I've had 5 fun years performing with these amazing staff and pupils, who I am honoured to call family."


Kieran Dwyer (Year 11 Pupil) who plays one of the leading males said, "Thank you to all the performing arts teachers at Smithills. Performing on stage has given me a sense of belief in my own ability that I can act in front of large audiences, with confidence and pride."

Click HERE to read our exclusive story in the Bolton News.

Remembrance 2019

On Monday 11th November Smithills School remembered all that sacrificed in the wars and thanked them for the better life they gave us. Staff and pupils across the school all stood in silence for a 2 minute remembrance.


Our Principal, Mr Sidebottom said, "This is a Smithills tradition, where we lower our flag outside the front of the school and remember the fallen".  


Our Head boy and girl read out a small section of the poem, 'Flanders Field'. Claire (Head girl) expressed a sense of pride at this saying, "It's a real honour that i've seen over the years at Smithills, the Head boy and girl of that year read out a short section of the poem and this year it was me, to which i am truly grateful". 


At the start and end of the poem our Assistant Vice Principal, Mr Pavey played 'The Last Post'.

Breast Cancer Now Cake Sale

Our lovely pupils and staff stepped up to support our Breast Cancer Now Cake Sale that we held in the Library.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and to keep making discoveries, Breast Cancer Now needs to invest at least £300 million in research over the next 10 years. By taking part, we’re on our way to helping make a huge difference. We had some amazing and scrumptious cake donations that went on sale, and we have raised a fantastic £91.81


We certainly had our cake and ate it!

Thanks to all involved.

Smithills Got Talent

Smithills School held our annual 'Smithills Got Talent' contest during the week of 14th October 2019. Tickets were on sale at £1 each to all pupils, to come along and support each other by ultimately deciding who has the best talent for a particular field.  

First up were the semi-finals, which were decided during lunchtime on the 15th and 16th October. Performances varied from a singing duet to a keyboard solo.

On the 17th October, up stepped our finalist to decided who was the overall winner of the 2019 'Smithills Got Talent' contest. 

Mrs Elliott, who arranged the event said, "It was a really tough contest this year, as so many acts were outstanding ... The judges had their work cut out for them picking the act to go through".


As Mrs Elliot rightly pointed out, all the acts this year have been absolutely outstanding and it was so difficult picking the top 5. But after a difficult decision by our judges the top 5 acts were;

1) Salman - Keyboard Solo
2) Ellie and Taylor - Signing 'Wings' by Little Mix
3) Mya - Dancing to 'Hostage' by Billy Eilish
4) Barach - Singing 'Unbreakable' by Faydee
5) Lukas and Keiran - Singing 'River' by Ed Sheeran and Eminem


We would like to say well done to everyone who competed this year and we look forward to seeing all in the acts in next years contest.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

We are excited to announce that we are restarting the Duke of Edinburgh Award programme at Smithills School. The aim of the programme is to provide our pupils with lifelong skills in leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication. To provide our pupils with both an intrinsic and extrinsic sense of achievement and an opportunity to help develop relationships within the community as part of our school ethos. Over the next 8 months our pupils will work towards their Bronze award which will then allow them to achieve their Silver and Gold awards at Smithills, college, university and other forms of further education or employment. In recent workplace surveys, companies in the Sunday Times 100 have stated that the Duke of Edinburgh Award places high upon their list of qualities and achievements they look for in young employees.

The programme is offered for 14-24 year olds (Year 9 onwards).


If you have any questions about the Duke of Edinburgh programme or you would like your child to be part of the programme it is not too late to join. Please contact Mr Hill ( who will gladly explain the process of DofE.

Open Evening | 25th September 2019

Smithills School opened its doors on the 25th September for our annual Open Evening event.


The night was an overwhelming success from start to finish. Teachers welcomed all prospective parents through the doors at 4:30pm, as student tour guides accompanied them around the school. One year 6 student was blown away with the facilities at Smithills stating,


"This is amazing, I love swimming and never thought I would belong to a school with its own swimming pool".


A parent visiting from the local area said, "I have visited a number of schools in the area and thought we had decided upon what school we were sending our daughter to but tonight has put all that into doubt ... the warm and welcoming atmosphere we felt when we were greeted into the school and how polite and knowledgeable the pupil tour guides were, has defiantly put Smithills as the favourite school to send our daughter to".


Our Principal, Mr Sidebottom, welcomed parents into Smithills Main Hall and answered any questions parents had. Our new Year 7 video diary for this academic year was released, in which we gave a camera to a new Year 7 pupil and got him to document his first week at the school (see video below).


Mr Sidebottom also assured parents that we want 'SUCCESS FOR ALL' that belong to our Smithills family.


If you missed our successful Open Evening, below are three promotional films that were played on the night.  

New Head Boy/Girl 2019

After a formal application process and standing for whole school election, we are proud to introduce this year’s Head Girl and Head Boy, Claire and Sahil. Together with the Deputy Leadership team and The Voice, our Student Council, they will steer the student body on active citizenship and act as a formal voice for the pupils to the senior leadership and SMSC co-ordinator Mrs Goldie. 


If you have an issue, query or suggestion formal meetings take place on a Wednesday but Claire and Sahil will be happy to sit down and listen with you.  Just let them know and book a time.

Results Day 2019

Today Smithills celebrated Year 10 and 11 examination results. We are extremely proud of all our pupils who have put in so much time and effort in getting some truly outstanding results. Nicole Davies (Head Girl) Said, "I did really well, I came out with all passes and would like to wish everyone in Year 10 and 11 the best of luck."


Will Griffiths smashed all expectations in his exams by getting, six 9's, two 8's and two 7's. He said, "I am really happy with my results, good luck to everyone else getting their results today, I’m going to Cannon Slade Sixth Form to do Chemistry, Biology and Math’s. I would also like to thank all my teachers at Smithills, I’ve had an amazing five years here and I couldn’t have got these results without you.”

Mr Sidebottom added further praise to Year 10 and 11 pupils, "We are very pleased with all our results today ... Really solid progress built on really good foundations. The school is always moving onwards and upwards ...Good Luck to all our Year 11's, who are leaving us this year. You have been a credit to our school, the results, you have deserved them because you have worked hard." 

Rhys Williams

TENS of thousands of people have responded to the story of a schoolboy in agonising pain with a rare skin condition after his desperate mother appealed for help to make her son see life is worth living.


People from around the world have rushed to help Rhys Williams — a boy who battles with the pain of skin condition epidermolysis bullosa, leaving him covered in blisters and the skin on his hands and legs fused together.


After struggling over the last few months, Rhys sent a tragic text to his mum, Tanya, saying he wishes “a butterfly would come and take him away”.

Form 8E heard about this story and decided they wanted to be one of the 18,000 cards that Rhys received. They spent time every morning during form and each pupil wrote Rhys a kind message. This message was joined together with the others to make a massive birthday card. Mrs Aslam dropped off this card to Rhys and he was very grateful and said thank you. His mother said he will be very excited to read all the individual messages. Form 8E came together as a community and Mrs Aslam is very proud of this kind act.

Paris Trip | 9th-12th September 2019

Shortly before midnight on Sunday 8th September, 37 very excited pupils made their way to Dover in order to catch the ferry across to Paris.  For most it was their first time crossing the Channel and for some it was their first time abroad.


After a long, karaoke filled journey we arrived at our home for 3 nights and the pupils wasted no time settling in and familiarising themselves with the lovely facilities, setting (and WiFi!)


Shopping in the Disney Village was the first item on our itinerary and pupils made the most of the opportunity to buy Mickey/Minnie Mouse ears.  The evening was filled with swimming and making the most of the onsite water slides; Mr Fagan even joined in with the fun!


A good night's sleep mean that we were all full of energy for our tour of Paris.  We scaled the steps to the Sacre Coeur and the views were definitely worth it.


In order to get some super selfies with the Eiffel Tower we headed across the city to the Montparnasse building (thankfully there was a super quick lift!) and some relaxation time was enjoyed with the whole of Paris in sight.


A lovely cruise along the Seine topped our day off nicely, we were able to get up close the iconic Eiffel Tower and have the beautiful buildings pointed out to us as we motored down the river.  Lots of familiar buildings, which had previously just been pictures for most, came to life for the students.


Disneyland: the day we had all been waiting for! Autographs from characters, pictures with the world famous castle and of course lots of screaming on the rides were the order of the day.  A wonderful time had by all; described as 'magical' by one of our year 8 pupils. Planet Hollywood hosted us for dinner and birthday celebrations for two of our pupils, definitely a birthday to remember!


Heading home was a sad occasion, although some stunning vocal performances from Mrs Pacer and Mrs Moult helped to lift the mood...many thanks to our wonderful year 10 DJ Jasmine who had music for every occasion!


Students were commended for their excellent behaviour at the hotel and as were out and about in public.  The coach driver also thought that they were a fantastic group of students .  Well done everybody; you did Smithills proud!  The success of this trip and the interest since we returned means that we are hoping to run it again during the next academic year so watch this space!


A final thanks to the staff who helped to make the trip a success (and fun): Mrs Moult, Mr Fagan, Mrs Fry and Mrs Moss.

- Mrs Pacer

Music Concert

We held our annual 'Summer Music Concert' at Smithills School on Wednesday 3rd July.

Some of the performances included, a brass band special Star Wars tribute, our fabulous choir sang their version of Jess Glynne's, 'Thursday' and our guitarists performed the mega musical hit, 'Zombie', just to name a few.


Mrs Elliott, who organised the evening said, "I would just like to thank everyone who spent tireless hours practicing their numbers for tonights show, as you can see it paid off. And to everyone who turned out tonight, thank you for supporting us."


Everybody who performed were amazing and we all hope you all left having enjoyed the evening at Smithills and we see you back for our next performing arts production of 'Singing in the rain' in November.

Rugby Workshop


We welcomed Aaron Howarth from England Rugby’s RFU who delivered a Rugby workshop to a group of students on Thursday 27th June.

The lads had a great time and look forward to next week’s workshop.

Thanks Aaron.


Politics Project


Following their work with the Politics Project, some of our year 9 pupils have taken part in an interview about their views on the economy and their futures. 


Look out for them in the 8 page pull out in July in the Manchester Evening News.

Empathy Day

The focus in the Library has been #ReadForEmpathy and pupils received a random act of kindness, and a task involving writing about taking a walk in someone else shoes, and an empathy resolution card to complete for our empathy wall. We hope that our pupils will grow to realise that for everyone else out there is a me, as well, and that the power of reading allows us to see and understand others.

Best of Bolton

We are delighted to inform you that Smithills will be participating in a small exhibition at Bolton University as part of the 'Best of Bolton Show', where 12 schools from Bolton are exhibiting work.

Judging is due to take place on Monday 24th June and the winners will be announced on Tuesday 25th June.


The exhibition will be up from the 26th - 28th June and can be viewed between 10am and 3pm.

Thompson Winner

A huge thank you to Megan from Thompsons UK who returned to school on Tuesday 21st May to present a £50 voucher to our winner, who had identified over 100 of their ‘Tipper truck’ customers following on from the work done with students as part of their Year 7 Conference. They have also offered to kindly donate £50 to a charity chosen by the students, Children In Need. 


#Amazing   #ThompsonsUK

Act of Kindness

Smithills school would like to further recognise two of it's pupils for an act of kindness in the community. A purse was found down Halliwell Road on Monday 20th May. Pupils, Obang and Yahya (Year 8) found the purse on their way to school and handed it in to the Key Stage 4 office at Smithills. A social media post was created on Smithills school's Facebook and Twitter channels calling for the lady whose purse it was to contact the school immediately. At 12:20pm Hannah Stanthorpe (who matched the details on the cards inside the purse) came forward and contact the school saying,


"Wow - thank you so much!!! My neighbour has just contacted me to say they have it now. Please pass on my thanks to the lovely students." 


Well done again to Obang and Yahya who acted so swiftly to return the purse to its owner.


#ThePowerofSocialMedia    #ActofKindness

Rounders Results

Girls from KS3 and KS4 competed against 3 other schools in a rounders tournament on Wednesday 15th May in the sunshine at Smithills. We welcomed Harper Green, Little Lever and Ladybridge. The results were ...


Smithills (41) versus Ladybridge (26) 
Player of the match: Joy Uche

Smithills (56) versus Little Lever (70) 
Player of the match: Danah Al-Saleh

Smithills (46) versus Harper Green (61) 
Player of the match: Sophie Dawson


Smithills (45) versus Little Lever (57) 
Player of the match: Abbie Holmes

Smithills (34) versus Ladybridge (64) 
Player of the match: Kelsey Bushell

Smithills (47) versus Harper Green (38) 
Player of the match: Leah Kirkman


Well done to all the Smithills girls there were some fabulous performances!

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