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Year 11 Conference – Mock Interview Day

On Friday 20th January, pupils in year 11 left lessons to sit mock Interviews. During periods 1 and 2, lessons were specific to the interview day.

Kathryn Chorlton and Annabel Jackson from the Sixth Form Bolton, who had the privilege of interviewing some pupils said, “We do think it is really beneficial for the pupils to have a mock interview day, as we never got mock interviews when we were younger, and it would have definitely benefitted us in life.”


Pupils completed an application for a ‘Job’ during period 1 and then studied interview skills during period 2.


Sergeant Mike Hill who is a careers advisor for the Royal Air Force said. “I have to say, I have interviewed about 4 pupils so far and they have all been excellent. They all have engaged fully, and all have been able to explain their answers fully, I have been quite impressed.”


Pupils then came out of lessons 2, 3 and 4 for the interviews. Pupils were permitted to wear their own clothes for the day, but all came dressed smartly and suitably for their interviews. 

Christine Baldwin from Asda said, “I think it is a good experience because they get to meet an employer and it puts them into a similar interview situation, it helps them keep at ease, it gives them little tips on what an interviewer is looking for and what would come across as being the essential ingredients for the job role they are looking to apply for.”


Martin Bailey from MARKEM- IMAJE who interviewed a few year 11 pupils said, “Pupils seem really confident, they seem to know what they want to do, they have prepared really well, and they seem to be enjoying the experience.”

Well done to all our year 11 pupils who participated in the mock interviews today, you all did Smithills School and yourselves proud.

Thank you to all our employers, who took the time to visit our school and interview our year 11's.

Pictures From The Event
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