Livvy K Visits Smithills To Bring Awareness Around Mental Health

We welcomed singer and mental health campaigner Livvy K to Smithills on Monday 27th January. Livvy K is a solo artist from the North West who has supported Rita Ora on some of her tour dates and is currently touring over 30 schools around the UK. Livvy K not only performed for our students, but also delivered a drug education, mental health and healthy lifestyles message.


Years 8, 9 and 10 were lucky enough to watch Livvy K perform her single “Broken” which was written to bring awareness to mental health challenges. Having had her own issues with mental health, Livvy K’s new song has been recorded in an effort to bring more awareness around the subject. 


Livvy K also premiered another of her latest projects, a mini documentary, about emotional wellbeing and the struggles of some of her close family and friends, and lead discussions with each year group on drug education, healthy lifestyles and mental health. 


Jodie Gifford, a Year 10 student, who was inspired by Livvy K’s personal story said, “Livvy K’s performance and presentation was very moving and inspirational. Livvy K spoke in a very sensitive way about the topics and was approachable, including the audience in her conversations. She was very keen to know what we thought and ensured us that we are not alone in our struggles with mental health. She made everyone in the room aware of mental health issues and what support we could get.”


Amy Greenhalgh, another Year 10 student, praised the way Livvy K spoke about emotional wellbeing saying, “Livvy K was inspirational and presented mental health as something normal, relatable and significant. She shared her own experiences and that made her easy to connect to. She was close to our ages, which made it easy to relate to her struggles. I enjoyed seeing her perform and the fact that she is so young makes her a role model.”


Everyone in the audience was captivated by Livvy K’s performance and was inspired and motivated by her personal story! You can watch Livvy K’s documentary and single on YouTube: – Documentary – “Broken” single


Follow Livvy K on Instagram to stay up to date with her Happiness is a Habit School Tour @whoislivvyK


We wish Livvy K all the best on the remainder of her school tour!

Pictures from the event