LAMDA Acting and Speech Exams 100% Pass Rate Success at Smithills School

All pupils in Year 8 at Smithills School have studied and completed a London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts exam in Acting and Speech during their Oracy Performing Arts lessons. Pupils had to present their work to visiting external examiners demonstrating how they have worked on exploring and developing a strong speaking voice, positive body language, self-confidence and physical presence, attributes that are key to success in further education and the world of work. The Performing Arts Department are celebrating the success with a 100% pass rate and 60% of the cohort achieving a Distinction (highest grade possible).


Mr Milthorpe (Head of Performing Arts and PE) says, ‘I am absolutely delighted with what our pupils have achieved, they have worked with focus and determination to succeed in these exams. My team of performing arts teachers, Mrs Elliott and Miss Oakes have worked extremely hard to ensure all pupils were fully prepared for these exams’.