Inclusion and Engagement Team

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Inclusion and Engagement Manager
 Mrs Bailey

Email - e.bailey@smithillsschool.net

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Inclusion Mentor

Miss Blythe

Email - c.blythe@smithillsschool.net


Inclusion Mentor

Mrs Gallagher

Email - c.gallagher@smithillsschool.net

We are a team of 4 dedicated, experienced mentors who are committed to helping our pupils succeed by providing all aspects of behaviour management support for children who present with emotional and behavioural difficulties.


Our pupils work alongside a mentor in school and work holistically to enable the individual to access successful learning by identifying unmet needs and address any challenges and difficulties that they are faced with.


Intervention may be through one to one discussions, group work or in class support.

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Can I get support as a parent?

Bolton Information and Advisory Service - A community based, free service for families and children with special educational needs.


TELEPHONE: 01204 848722 


Runa provides support for families and young people who are reported missing.

TELEPHONE: 01204 385 848


5-19 Service provides free and paid childcare, Youth sessions and free play sessions over Bolton.

EMAIL: Positive.activities@bolton.gov.uk

TELEPHONE: 01204 332323


360 - Alcohol and drug support for young people.

TELEPHONE: 01204 557977


I have an issue to discuss, what should I do?

You can call and make an appointment with a member of the inclusion team or email them directly and they will contact you.

EMAIL: e.bailey@smithillsschool.net

TELEPHONE: 01204 842382