On Tuesday 19th July 2022, Smithills pupils and staff had the option to wear something other than their usual uniforms for school. It had to be suitable for school, however, needed to reflect who they truly are.  If a person wanted to represent ethnicity, culture, background or have an aspect of their character that they wished to share with everyone this was the day to say, THIS IS ME!  


During the day, staff also themed lessons around identity.


The day came about as a response to what our pupils across many year groups asked for.  It is a development to our response to hate day this time last year.


All pupils in assembly received the following message...


• Our school is at heart a family.

• A wonderful family made up of many different faces from many different places.

• Some of us come from different countries, different areas, identify differently. 

• It has community as one of its core values.

• We want to celebrate all of the different ways we truly are US.

• Our identity.

• Our culture.

• Last year at this time we turned our back on hate.  This year we are embracing who we truly are.

• We make no apologies. 

• We are glorious.

• We are who we’re meant to be.

• We are a SMITHILLS Family.