Writing with Pen


In February our students were tasked with writing a sports piece about their personal experiences in sport. If students wished they could additionally enter their piece of writing to the Young Sporting Wonders Competition witch is a national competition created by Rob Walker who is a leading national sports journalist.


We are proud to announce that Naol and Jacob, both in year 7, have been shortlisted in the top 100 students nationally for their piece of writing.


Stuart Sheard-Pearson (Head of Boys PE) said, “Smithills PE department would like to thank all the students for their amazing entries and congratulate the 2 young gentlemen for their achievements. As always we are very proud of the effort and achievement our students show”.

They have received a prize voucher and football as reward for their amazing achievement.


Mr Sidebottom Said, “Once again our pupils have blown me away with their hard work and perseverance. I read both pupils entries into the competition and was taken back with the quality and engagement they included in their writing. A massive well done to both pupils”.