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Bolton School Swim Championships

Congratulations to the following the students for their outstanding performances in the Bolton Schools Swimming Championships. It was a really successful competition, the 1st Swim event for Smithills School for a number of years.


Nine schools entered and our results are below:

Yr 7 Viyana Sefi - Front Crawl 1st Place

Yr7 Viyana Sefi - Butterfly 2nd Place

Yr8 Daisy Edern - Backstroke 4th Place

Yr8 William Hartles - Front Crawl 4th Place

Yr8 William Hartles - Butterfly 5th Place

Yr9 Grace Pearce - Front Crawl 3rd Place

Yr9 Jessica Martin - Breast stroke 7th Place

Yr9 Olivia Wright - Butterfly 7th Place

Yr9 Evie Masters - Back stroke 8th Place

Yr9 Ibrahim Butterworth - Front Crawl 3rd Place

Yr9 Rowan Beswick - Back stroke 6th Place

Yr9 Jacob Mulraney -Breast stroke 8th Place

Yr9 Jacob Mulraney - Butterfly 8th Place

INTER girls relay - Olivia Wright, Jessica Martin, Rabia Zaman, Grace Pearce - 4th Place

INTER girls Medley relay - Olivia Wright, Jessica Martin, Evie Masters, Grace Pearce - 6th Place

INTER Boys relay - Rowan Beswick, Adam Whitehouse, Ibrahim Butterworth, Jacob Mulraney - 6th Place.

Miss Townsend and the students would also like to say thank you to Miss Heywood, Miss Gangiyani and Ms Yusuf for helping out as pool cover to allow the extra curricular club run. Also, a big thank you to Mr Appleton for driving the staff and students to the competition.

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