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حفلة موسيقية في الصيف

لقد عقدنا حفلة موسيقية صيفية حصرية في مدرسة سميثيلز يوم الثلاثاء الخامس من يوليو.  


Some of the students have been working towards achieving their Bronze CREST award where they have been researching and designing their own rollercoasters.  So as part of this, it was arranged for them to attend a session at the Pleasure Beach where they learned about the processes involved in the first stages of designing a new rollercoaster ride to the steps to completion in terms of the Physics & Engineering involved.  


It was an exciting and engaging presentation that the students enjoyed.  Following this they then got to go and experience the rollercoasters for themselves spending the rest of the day at the theme park.  There were lots of tired students at the end of the day!

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