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Clubs & Activities

We have a number of clubs running at lunchtime throughout the week.


Tuesday: We have Chess Club run by our visiting expert, Mr Swift who coaches to competition level. If you are a beginner it doesn’t matter.  He will teach you how to play.


Wednesday: Our book club is very popular and we have been trailing the 2016 Bolton Children’s Fiction Awards. Pupils read and vote on their three favourite books from a selection nominated by local School Librarians. This culminates in a day celebrating books and reading.


Thursday: This is our very popular Scrabble Club for KS3 pupils. It links literacy and numeracy through the game whilst having fun!


Friday: Languages club focuses on having fun while taking part in activities designed to increase enthusiasm for learning languages and encouraging ‘speaking’, ‘writing’, ‘listening/reading’ and ‘responding’ skills.



Book Club takes place in the vibrant new library every Wednesday dinner time where we discuss the book we are all reading and set a target for how much we aim to read in the next week. We are taking part in the Bolton School Fiction Award 2016, for which we are given a shortlist of 6 books to read for the deadline in May when we will vote on which books were our favourite.


The books on the shortlist are varied and extremely different so that if you dislike one there will definitely be one that you enjoy. We have read books about murder, bullying and abuse as well as funny books, adventure books and thrillers. One of the six books we have read is ‘The Disappearance of Tom Pile’ which is about a boy who has been moved forward in time forty years from the 1900s to the 1940s and the Second World War. Another is ’13 Hours’ a thrilling book about a young carer and her mother, who is terrified of going outside, being taken hostage in their home with just thirteen hours to create an escape plan.


Book Club is different and interesting every week with unique discussions about the different topics in the books we read, what we enjoy about them and what we think will happen next. Book Club also provides many exciting opportunities such as a trip to a book signing of our favourite books out of the six.


Matthew Madden Year 9 Ashton 6


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