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KS3 English

In Years 7-9 the curriculum is designed around four key concepts, which are sequenced to enable pupil progression and mastery of the subject as follows:


  1. Responding to texts

  2. Structure and cohesion

  3. Analysing techniques

  4. Awareness of impact


These 4 concepts are sequenced in the same order for all KS3 year groups and are delivered over 8 weeks. Each sequence promotes intertextuality by aligning concepts to particular themes which promote the study of a key seminal text alongside thematically related fiction and non-fiction sources. Details of all the themes and key texts, for each year group, can be found at the top of the concept coversheets above and in a summarised version here. In addition, each sequence incorporates reading, writing and spoken language skills to equip students with a holistic grasp of the mechanics of English Language and Literature.


Within each concept, students’ learning is structured around a series of milestones. These milestones are sequentially organised to act as building blocks for the development of pupils’ skills. This enables class teachers to target specific intervention at pupils who demonstrate a skills or knowledge deficit in a particular area.


Pupils’ progress at each milestone will be measured through a series of portfolio tasks. These portfolio tasks allow pupils to demonstrate their skills at each milestone stage and provide opportunities for pupils to receive formative feedback on their progress. In this respect, the curriculum promotes spiral-learning so pupils can make sustained progress, across KS3, by engaging in a process of reviewing, reflecting and improving their skills acquisition.   


Summative assessments take place following each concept unit and are structured using the question stems from the GCSE AQA paper. Details of our reading and writing mark schemes can be accessed via the relevant hyperlinks. Through our rigorous curriculum and assessment systems students develop the critical awareness to become reflective and self-regulating learners.


Alongside our concept curriculum, the Accelerated Reader programme plays a vital part in promoting students’ independent reading practice. This programme underpins pupils’ experience of literacy in school, and is integrated into fortnightly library lessons and mainstream English lessons. For more information regarding the Accelerated Reader programme please follow the link here.


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