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If new stories about crime rates rising, teenage hooligans or crooked politicians have every caught your eye, then Sociology is the subject for you. You will have the opportunity to investigate the world in which you live and discuss what you think of it. At the same time, you will develop knowledge and skills that will help you play a part in shaping this society.


This GCSE course enables you to:
Investigate why people commit crimes
Examine the truth behind news headlines
Consider whether school is the best place to get an education
Debate whether our society should allow people to sleep on the streets, while others live in luxury


Teaching Methods
In Psychology and Sociology a range of teaching and learning methods are used. Pupils are encouraged to share their views and experiences in class discussions, take part in debates and use ICT to access information and produce work. Pupils will also take part in group activities and exercise, class presentations and use a range of resources to aid their understanding. In both Psychology and Sociology, pupils will have the opportunity to take part in and carry out experiments and other research to consolidate their learning.


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