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Product Design






The GCSE product design course offers pupils a unique opportunity to identify and solve real life problems by designing and making products using a variety of materials and techniques. Our aim is to provide pupils with learning opportunities that will help them to become imaginative, creative and independent individuals. Whilst completing a number of projects in year 9, pupils will be encouraged to develop an understanding of design history and build the knowledge and skills required to design and make successful products.


Year 10 pupils will have the opportunity to further enhance subject knowledge and hone designing and making skills with a particular focus on CAD/CAM and quality of finish. Towards the end of year 10 and into the final year of the GCSE course pupils will draw on past learning when producing a Controlled Assessment Task based on a given topic. This final design and make project will count as 60% of the final GCSE grade with a final exam at the end of year 11 making up the other 40%.


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