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At Smithills School all Year 7 and Year 8 pupils have one lesson of music per week. Pupils explore and develop the use of the musical elements through a variety of listening, appraising, performing and compositional activities. All students who come to Smithills have the opportunity to brass, woodwind or guitar instrumental tuition completely free of charge.  

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Our award winning extra curricular bands and ensembles and vocal groups at Smithills School are nationally and internationally renowned. Our ensembles perform extensively throughout the year, performing at a large number of exciting and prestigious venues including The Royal Albert Hall, London, Symphony Hall, Birmingham, The City of Manchester Stadium, Manchester.  Our Senior Brass Band and Senior Big Band have recently completed a very successful visit to Ireland.


KEY STAGE 3 – Year 7
Our main aim is to encourage pupils to engage with and participate in collaborative music making allowing the development of their performing, composing, listening and appraisal skills.  Pupils are given the opportunities to build upon their own interests and skills through a variety of individual, paired, group and whole class activities.


KEY STAGE 3 - Year 8 Performing Arts (Music)

Our main aim, through a project based curriculum, is to inspire and enthuse pupils to consider the career options within the performing arts sector. Pupils gain a broad knowledge and understanding of and develop skills in music. We provide a comprehensive and challenging programme of study that builds on interest and the potential opportunity to progress to employment.

KEY STAGE 4 - YEAR 9 AND 10 GCSE MUSIC (For exams in 2018 onwards)

 Pupils will study and complete the following units in GCSE Music in Year 9 and 10.  There are 3 components.

Component 1: Understanding Music (40%)

Component 2: Performing Music – Solo and Ensemble (30%)

Component 3: Composing Music (30%)


KEY STAGE 4 - YEAR 11 GCSE MUSIC  2016 - 2017

Pupils will study and complete the following units in GCSE Music in Year 11. There are 4 units of study.

Unit 1 Listening Paper (20%)
Unit 2 Composition and Written appraisal (20%)
Unit 3 Performance – Solo and Ensemble (40%)

Unit 4 Composition (20%)


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