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Modern Languages

The Modern Languages department at Smithills School is a vibrant, forward-thinking department that leads students in the study of French, German, Spanish & Urdu.


These languages are taught at Key Stage 3 and GCSE level, offering students the opportunity to build vital language skills that can enhance their readiness for working in today's globalised world.


Why not join our MFL club? 

We do lots of different activities to help you learn about different countries and cultures.  Ask your teacher for further details and to join the club.



Miss Cartlidge: j.cartlidge@smithillsschool.net

Mr Hussain: m.hussain@smithillsschool.net

Mrs Halliwell: c.halliwell@smithillsschool.net


As a department, we are passionate about language learning. We incorporate a wide variety of engaging tasks and games, which not only build the four key skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking but also allow students to quickly communicate in useful sentences and paragraphs.

The priority is to ensure all students have the opportunity to participate and make progress, whilst receiving the appropriate level of challenge or support. We recognise the importance of building confidence, as well as offering a culturally-rich and stimulating curriculum. 


All students at Smithills School study French, German, Spanish or Urdu to GCSE level.


A GCSE in languages allows students to develop their communication skills as well as their grammatical understanding. In addition, they will learn more about the history and culture of the countries where the foreign language is spoken.


At Smithills School, our Modern Language teachers are committed to using a variety of activities to engage children in learning.

These include:
Oral work
Pair work
Group work
Information and communication technology, including IPads
Language games
Listening activities
CDs and DVDs
Reading and writing


Our resources are plentiful and all students will experience activities involving:
Interactive whiteboards
CD players
Up-to-date course books


Links with Europe

The Department organises visits to France, Germany, Spain and Belgium and has email twinning links with schools in France, California and Germany.


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