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Btec First In Engineering Level 2

From jewellery to athletic equipment, to smartphones, laptops and televisions, examples of engineering can be found all around us in today's world. Engineering plays a vital role in many careers and industries such as; medicine, communications, automotive, electronics and aerospace.


This Btec First In Engineering qualification will give you the opportunity to gain specific knowledge and understanding in engineering. The course is made up of units, seven in all, which are divided into assignments. For 80% of the units, your teacher will set the assignments for you to complete. These may take the form of projects where you research, plan, prepare and evaluate a piece of work or activity. The other 20% of the units are formal examinations, one onscreen, one written. These will be taken in year 11, in line with other GCSE examinations. Over a 3 year period you will complete 2 units in year 9, 2 in year 10 and complete 1 unit in year 11 along with the examinations.


You will investigate how products can be manufactured to the same standards time after time. You will use computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacture(CAM) to produce accurate technical data and high quality products. You will learn about the basic rules of arithmetic and algebra and how to apply these when solving engineering problems. You will look at the building blocks of electronic circuits- the inputs, processes and outputs, and how we can join these together to develop circuits to solve engineering problems. You will learn how to interpret technical drawings and other documentation and how to make effective use of the information when carrying out engineering activities.

This course is designed to help you sharpen your skills for employment or further study.


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